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He's also great to work with as he often reads my mind and will ask the right question before I say anything. 

When I have an event scheduled that requires an assistant, I often think of him first. It's a kind of guilty pleasure, but in all honesty, he's simply a great asset to my business in those situations. He already has a job, though, so is not always available to work with me. 

He's also great fun to have a drink with after we're done.




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Motherhood is…viewing things again for the first time. https://www.leilanipaular.com/blog/2015/4/motherhood-is-april-2015  

I remember being young and going to the beach. We lived in Southern California, so visiting the beach was something we got to do with fair regularity. I loved digging my toes in the sand, looking for shells and other treasures, running in and out of the waves and listening to the voice of the water as it crashed onto the beach. The ocean was this immense, blue frontier...a wondrous world with secrets to uncover. 

Watching my son at the beach in Hawaii, I was struck with these memories of my own childhood, and for a moment I was 5 years old again, grabbing handfuls of wet sand and tossing them in the ocean to see the splash, and laughing while testing the cool water with my toes for the first time. Ah, to be young again.


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Motherhood is...leaving time for silly https://www.leilanipaular.com/blog/2015/3/motherhood-is-leavingtimeforsilly Our son has recently been talking about the level of "silly" of myself and my husband. He has said, "mama is actually more silly than daddy." I don't normally think of myself as silly. I'm busy working, trying to keep track of the often shifting family schedule of activities and responsibilities, and attempting to keep everything in perspective. I do know that children can be very perceptive, and my son possesses a very great capacity for being silly, so he has a good understanding of the concept.


We recently had the opportunity to visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation on Oahu. We took a train ride, went through the outdoor maze and had some of the famous Dole Whip (the one you can also get at Disneyland). It was good fun, for sure, but silly? I'll let you decide.


If this is my level of silly, I'm never giving it up...ever.


Thanks to Andrew for the proof. =)


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Motherhood is…where I am https://www.leilanipaular.com/blog/2015/1/motherhood-is-whereiam I am so excited to be joining a blog circle called "Motherhood is..." I'll be posting personal pictures each month that represent my journey as a mother and sharing links to the other, wonderful women, that are sharing their images and stories on their pages. I hope that you will enjoy my posts and visit the other pages as well.

A recent breakfast...

It is very humbling to acknowledge the passage of time. I can remember a time when my husband and I were unsure about the prospect of having children. We were working, busy, enjoying our lives, and could not possibly conceive of what bringing a child into the mix would mean to us. Our son is now five, going on six, and I can't imagine life any other way. It's especially in those mundane, everyday happenings, such as breakfast, that I feel I'm exactly where I belong. 


I do hope you will continue around the circle with a visit to Jessica's page.

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