Love and connection is a beautiful thing. Photographs help us see that, and they help us remember those wonderful, but fleeting moments.

My name is Leilani, and I am a photographer and storyteller. My mother was the family photographer when I was growing up, and she was always pulling the family together for that perfect picture. I was fascinated by cameras from the first 110 camera I touched, and on to various instant and 35mm film cameras. Though I pursued music in school, photography was always a casual hobby. While working as a public school music teacher, I turned to a little point and shoot camera to help document my students' work and performances. Looking at my images, I knew they could be better if I learned how to take better pictures. So, I borrowed my sister's old Nikon FM film camera, and signed up for a class at Santa Monica College. Later, I went on to experiment with medium format cameras and eventually bought my first DSLR - a Nikon d40 which my son now uses. 

There have been several cameras and additions to the gear list in the meantime, and I have continued to study and develop my work. I’m so happy to have met and learned from so many wonderful people along the way. I feel so fortunate to do what I do! 

Let me help tell your story!


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Photo credit: Joseph Abenhaim, One Sharp Joe